Why You Should Use Animaker As A Freelance Cartoonist

Animaker is a tool for making animated videos, popular for its easy, do it yourself features. Animation is a valuable way to market businesses and create product descriptions. This creates a big demand for freelance cartoonists.

Besides producing content for other businesses, freelance cartoonists also produce content for their own courses and most don’t have any formal training. This is why easy to use tools like Animaker come in handy.

There are many tools online that can help you with animation, however, you need to determine the needs which should be met before you can settle for any of them. Here’s why you should use Animaker as a freelance cartoonist.

Animaker Allows You To Upload Directly To YouTube

Animaker has a free version and a paid one too. Even with the free version, you can make as many 2-minute videos as you wish. The only difference is that the free version does not allow you to export more than 5 of the short videos in a month.

However, you can upload directly to YouTube from this online tool. Using camera effects, you can make your characters move along curved paths. Even the free version has nine characters you can choose from.

Easy To Use

Animaker is among the easiest tools to use. Reviews from the various amateurs in making animated videos show that it’s not only easy to use but there is also adequate information and guidelines on how to use it.

Furthermore, they have great basic videos you can use in case your creativity runs out. Therefore, they not only show you how to use it but also give you ideas to stir your creativity. This makes it very friendly for both the veteran and beginner.

Great Customer Service

Whether you’re paying for a tool or not, everyone wants to receive feedback every time they make a comment or ask a question. Animator has a team of experts who do exactly that.

They respond to calls for assistance, comments or general feedback almost immediately. This is good for a freelance cartoonist because at times, you’re stuck in the process or are experiencing challenges with the app and you need it sorted immediately.

You Can Create Explainer Videos

At times, as a freelance cartoonist, you need to create explainer videos. Explainer videos can be used for your freelance writing or other freelance jobs.

The fact that the tool autosaves your work is helpful here, as you don’t have to save every progress of your work manually. Furthermore, it’s very light and thus, does not slow down your computer and consequently the process.

The only reason why you should choose one animation tool over another is what it can do better than the other. With Animator, even the free version offers you good sound effects, character, music, charts, icons and animated maps.

Therefore, it’s adequately creative. Thus, you can make a highly technical animation without having to pay for a tool. The fact that it’s readily available online and is easy to use makes Animator a preference among cartoon freelancers.

Therefore, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you can navigate this tool easily and when stuck refer to their numerous guidelines.