Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

The marketing world is always changing. Despite all these changes, content marketing is not going anywhere. It’s here to stay. As content marketing continues to grow, you need to adopt new approaches and strategies if you want your business to remain competitive. Here are some content marketing trends to watch out for in 2019.

Strategy Will Play A Vital Role

As content marketing continues to evolve, companies will start viewing content as a powerful way of achieving their goals and not just another marketing strategy.

Content is a powerful way of enhancing a brand’s visibility. However, it will not solve all the goals you’re pursuing on its own. You will need a guiding strategy which will help to boost the effectiveness of your tactics while increasing audience engagement.

Don’t try to copy what others are doing since your business is different from them. Instead, have a clear strategy on what you intend to achieve before you launch a content marketing campaign.

Customer Success Will Take Center Stage

Customer success refers to strategies or methods that companies use to help customers derive maximum value from a product or service. And in today’s world of personalization, making a sale and moving on to the next customer is no longer enough.

If you want your business to thrive in 2019, you must ensure that your customers are getting maximum value from your products or services. To that end, you can use content to inform your customers about how to use your products instead of waiting them to figure out on their own.

With this approach, you’ll be minimizing the time spent on customer complaints.

Marketing Funnels Will Evolve

With the current setup, the marketing funnel accepts almost anyone who signs up for your offers and then eliminates them using a qualification process. At the end of the process, the customer will then complete a purchase. And that will be the end of the journey.

However, this approach treats customers as a means to an end and this trend is already changing. High quality and relevant content will replace the conventional way of doing things with an effective and sustainable approach.

The sales funnel will evolve into a continuous cycle which focuses on ongoing engagement instead of transactional relationships. With this strategy, there’s a high chance of retaining customers and acquiring new ones through referrals.

Content Marketing Trends Place An Increased Focus On Distribution

Even if you create the best video or infographic to promote your business, it will be useless if your target audience doesn’t see it. And as online and offline platforms become overcrowded, it’s important to focus on content distribution.

Maintaining an active presence on different social media channels is great. However, it’s important to remember that some of your customers might not be present on social media.

Therefore, you need to adopt other channels such as email marketing if you want to reach more people. In 2019, companies need to be more aggressive and creative in getting their content in front of their customers.