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What Are The Benefits Of Entering A Contest For Writers?

Winning a writing contest is a priceless prize for any writer who is interested in building a credible portfolio. However, each writing contest should be evaluated based on its pros and cons. Here are the benefits of entering a contest for writers.

Winning Is Inspirational

The fulfillment that comes with winning a writing competition is uplifting. Interestingly, some writers don’t fully believe in their creativity. Therefore, winning a contest for writers is an inspirational and memorable experience.

Winning such competitions will help you find your confidence, as well. Plus, entering a contest for writers will help you polish your writing and become a better writer.

The Money

Writers can win thousands of dollars in these writing contests. While the money can’t set you up for life, it can help you sort out a few problems.

Entering a contest for free and winning a cash reward is a great opportunity any writer shouldn’t pass up. Even if you don’t win the contest, you won’t feel like a loser because your piece can be published elsewhere.


In addition, you’ll be published in the journal or magazine organizing the writing competition. For example, a chance to be published in Writers of the Future Volume will definitely look good in your portfolio.

In addition, the fact that you’ve written a piece that won a lucrative prize will instantly make you a best-selling author. Even if winning the competition doesn’t entail being published, just mentioning that you won a coveted writing prize in your cover letter is transformational.


Becoming a popular writer is not an easy feat. Winning a contest for writers will give you lots of exposure to readers, publishers and editors. Once respected editors and literary agents start contacting you, your path to success will be illuminated.

Furthermore, becoming a winner in a writing contest will earn you a publishing credit. The credits you earn will be useful when submitting to editors and agents.

Apart from taking you seriously, renowned editors and writers will become your mentors. For instance, winners of the Writers of the Future contest are invited to the US for a week-long workshop presided over by famous judges.

Beating Deadlines Is Motivational

When crafting a piece for a writing contest, you have to finish your story within a set period of time. That will motivate you to work harder in order to beat the contest deadline. Having a time frame will motivate you to work hard towards getting things done.

Entry Fees

While some writing competitions are free, many will require you to pay a small entry fee of around $10. For example, the entry fee of The Writers Bureau Limerick Competition is below $10.

The entry fee goes towards covering administrative costs. In most cases, more prestigious or international writing contests are likely to attract higher entry fees than smaller, regional contests.

Final Thoughts On Entering A Contest For Writers

While entering writing contests is not a guarantee that you’re on the right track towards success, these competitions have amazing perks. However, before you enter any writing contest, it’s advisable to ask yourself whether the contest is worth your time, money and words.

In other words, it’s important to research about it extensively to determine whether it will be beneficial to your career.