Digital Transformation Trends

Top Digital Transformation Trends To Look For In 2019

It’s expected that in 2019, nearly half of any organization’s revenue will be impacted by digital technology in many ways. As it is, automated systems for production and customer feedback are slowly replacing the more expensive manual labor. Besides being more cost friendly, digital has made work easier and faster. Here are some of the top digital transformation trends to look out for in 2019.

The Internet Of Things

The Internet of things, in the context of manufacturing, will stand out in digital transformation. This is because it will open up numerous possibilities for automating, simplifying and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Potential implementations are simple applications like real-time alerts and feedback as well as complex systems that will incorporate the entire manufacturing process.

This will see a great improvement in the cost of production and reduce wastage. Moreover, it will enhance efficiency as real-time feedback and communication will reduce the turn-around time.

Eventually, the growth will be towards full automation of a factory with all equipment interconnected and to a great extent, intelligent.

Connected Clouds – Private, Public And Hybrid

Some companies have gone all public cloud while others have gone private. However, there is an increasing need for both – that is, hybrid.

This has made connected clouds continue to develop to meet organizations’ changing needs whether it’s networking, storage, app deployment or security that they want to cloud source.

Major public cloud providers such as Alibaba and Amazon have already responded to the call and are offering private cloud options. The same commitment has recently been shown by Microsoft, HPE and VMware also.

The term Multicloud, will become the new buzzword in cloud conversations. The movement to a hybrid cloud would result in a seamless, streamlined and secure experience for those handling IT.

A mix of workloads in different companies running in private, public and hybrid clouds will be a highly received trend in 2019.

5G Mobile

Given the direction mobile technology is taking, it’s likely to begin seeing 5G network everywhere. Most mobile companies have already engaged in fixed and test deployment.

Huawei, Nokia, Intel, Erickson Qualcomm and Samsung have already swung into action. There is also an expansion of 5G providers with new entrants like Mimosa networks rolling 5G out to both urban and rural areas.

This in turn, is encouraging veteran companies like Verizon and ATT to begin offering faster and more innovative services. While 2018 ushered in the fixed 5G application, 2019 will see 5G reach mobile devices.

Final Thoughts On Digital Transformation Trends

Regardless of which industry an organization is in, technology is what is going to make production more efficient. In the manufacturing companies that have various departments, integrating communication and processes will not only enhance efficiency but also cut cost.

For service companies like mobile phone providers, improved technology is what users are looking for. Everyone wants services that are going to make it technologically possible to access all they need.

Self-improving algorithms are also going to be an inevitable advancement in technology with artificial intelligence taking over most processes as the years advance.