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How To Use The Ebates App To Save Money On Your Purchases

Since it was founded in 1999, the Ebates App has been a handy tool that helps consumers save money on their purchases. Currently, Ebates is a large company with millions of members who have saved more than $1 billion in cash backs from their everyday in store or online shopping activities.

You receive a $10 welcome bonus when you sign up for Ebates. Here are ways and tips on how you can also take advantage of the Ebates app and save money on your regular purchases.

Earn Double Cash Back With Gift Cards

Instead of using your credit card to make online purchases every time you shop, consider the option of purchasing your merchant’s gift card first. This means that the total amount your discount will be tracked for both the gift card and the merchandise you purchased.

For example, rather than spending $100 at Target, one of Ebates merchants, with your credit card, you can consider these two options:

  • Use the Ebates shopping portal to purchase a $100 Target gift card and save by earning 3% cash back.
  • Purchase merchandise from Target using the $100 Target gift card through Ebates and earn an extra 3% cash back.

If you use this strategy on a good day, when Target is offering the most cash back, you’ll end up saving a lot on your shopping. However, some merchants don’t allow users to earn these cash backs twice.

In addition, you also need to purchase merchant gift cards that will send you a code instantly because the cash back percentage might be different by the time you receive your gift card via email.

Ideally, you should do your research and keep a list of Ebates merchants that credit shoppers for both transactions.

Shop When Your Favorite Merchant Offers The Highest Cash Back Rate

Ebates has made the process of keeping track of your favorite in store and online merchants easy. In order to save certain merchants into your favorite list, simply click on the heart box on the Ebates app.

You can always view the list of your favorite merchants alongside their cash back rates which keeps fluctuating. Alternatively, you should keep checking out the daily promotions being featured in the app or on the official Ebates website.

In essence, regardless of the item you want to purchase, you should make a point of sorting out the merchants by cash back rates.

Analyze Past Cash Back Trends

Analyzing the historical data of how often your favorite merchant offers the most cash back rates will also help. Check the Cash Back Monitor for more information and perhaps advance warnings when tracking the likelihood of getting a better promotion from a particular merchant.

Increase your chances of receiving the best value on any given day by combining opportunities from other cash back portals.

Look For Opportunities To Combine Multiple Coupons

With some creativity and planning, you can make major savings from the Ebates cash back portal by stacking multiple coupons. For instance, you can check out the Citi and Chase credit card merchants offers.

In fact, American Express credits cards are more frequently available on Amex Offers. In other words, if you see a great cash back rate from a smaller online merchant who wants to drive more online customer traffic, such as Ebags, save the Amex Offer for your credit card.

Final Thoughts On Saving With The Ebates App

Ebates earns a small commission from its affiliate relationships with major online retailers such as Kohl’s, Amazon and Best Buy. Therefore, the company can negotiate better commissions with these multinational corporations. This is because they can generate significant revenue by driving massive online shopping traffic with its over 10 million members.

In return, Ebates shares a portion of their commission with online shoppers who purchase items through their affiliate links. This represents a win-win business model for the company and online shoppers.