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What Are eBay Classifieds & How Can You Use Them As A Freelancer

eBay classified ads are simply ads used to list services, items and properties for sale to generate multiple leads. “Sellers” can post job opportunities, services offered or products on sale, among other things. In turn, they will get various leads and eventually buyers.

eBay has been termed as the world leader in online classifieds. It offers free local classified advertising within the US. Although you can sell and buy internationally on eBay, it prides itself in being the fast, safe and easy way to sell and buy within your local community.

As a freelancer, you work as the seller. You need a good account that you have built over time as work is posted in popular sites like Upwork and it’s competitive. Understand how to use eBay classifieds as a freelancer below.

How To Create An eBay Classified Account

The first step to earning as a freelancer with eBay classifieds is having an active account on eBay. You can create an account free of charge on the eBay online services. With an account, you can place your ads.

This is how to do it. First, log in to your eBay account and go to the advanced listing form. In the top right corner of the page, there’ll be an icon “sell” on which you should click or you can click on the “Advanced tool” icon. Whichever you click will give you the advanced listing tool option.

Into the search bar, enter the details of the items you want to sell and click the “Get Started” button. Since it’s business and there are most likely many other similar adverts, your advert should be catchy.

Therefore, create an eye-catching title and a thorough description. Don’t forget to include pictures. Go ahead and select the classified ad format and fill out the selling details.

Here, you will also select your ad duration and the asking price as well as the payment options you’ll accept. Finally, double-check your ad to confirm the location and pricing details and then list your eBay classifieds ad.

How To Get Jobs

eBay classifieds is a better fit if you intend to post exclusive to your specific location or if you’re offering a service. For your freelance option, you’ll always get original sellers who need you to sell their products on eBay. These jobs are often found online on websites like Upwork.

However, you need to know that due to competition, there’ll be specifications on the kind of account holders they need. Generally, you need to have built your account to have good feedback and be capable of listing products to a market on eBay.

It’s also advisable to have several payment options and have an account with no selling limits. Since eBay goes beyond the US, you may need to sharpen your skills and ability to penetrate other markets like the UK as other clients require it.

Final Thoughts On eBay Classifieds

Using eBay classified ads as a freelancer can be lucrative if you can demonstrate your ability to place an ad and sell. Getting jobs greatly depends on how well you prove your ability to sell.

However, some of the jobs require bidding while other people will headhunt based on your performance on the eBay classifieds ads page.