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Using Experiential Marketing to Effectively Connect with Your Prospects

Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, is a marketing strategy that uses experiences to make emotional connections to your target audiences. More than merely promoting a product to a passive audience, experiential marketing is developed to have customers engage with the values and identity of a brand.

For example, sponsoring an event that people view as “a worthy cause” may not be direct advertising but the fact that your prospects see that you share in their values, means they will connect to you.

Here’s how to use experiential marketing to connect with your prospects.

Avoid Ambiguity

While experiential marketing can enhance your business in the market, it can also harm it. Without a well-planned strategy, it could be a waste of time and resources. It’s not just about creating an environment for people to connect with you.

It’s about making sure that they connect. For example, if you’re offering entertainment during your campaigns, ensure that your prospects have fun and that they associate that fun with your brand.

The idea is to appeal to their emotions so that when they remember what made them happy, they’ll associate it with your brand. Don’t overestimate your customers’ ability to connect between your intentions and actual actions.

Have A Clear Objective

The same way you develop a product based on a need you identified, is the same way that your experiential marketing campaign should first have an objective before you embark on it. It should be a bottom-up approach.

Your objective will determine the strategy because the strategy must be devoted to getting the objective achieved. All your campaigns should be geared towards attaining the set objective. Otherwise, the campaigns will be immeasurable and ineffective.

Do Not Underestimate The Pre And Post-Planning Phase

Not all experiential marketing campaigns will be automatically successful. Some businesses have to go the extra mile. Take a different approach to ensure that you attract participants to the event before the said date.

Social media is one platform to build hype ahead of your campaigns. Make people look forward to it even if it’s a new brand. Remember also that you’re building relationships.

Therefore have a plan to nurture participants after the campaign. Also, always measure performance.

Choose The Right Place

A successful marketing campaign is determined by the place and time it was executed. This is the reason that when TV channels are advertising women’s stuff, they advertise during a soap opera series.

Therefore, it’s prudent to strategize the time and place for your campaign. Primarily, when your target audience is available. Otherwise, you can never get the target audience you need.

Final Thoughts On Experiential Marketing

Most businesses fail to put too much effort into a campaign that reaches just a few people. However, you should realize that most of these campaigns are seen and heard way beyond your target audience.

Experiential marketing is a chance to see face-face, the emotions that your marketing campaigns are causing on the people and the impact thereof. While doing experiential marketing, all brands must have an objective and stick to it to the end.

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