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How To Generate Leads From Facebook For Your Freelance Business

As a freelancer, you’re more than just a graphic designer, blogger, web developer or copywriter. You’re also the CFO, CMO and CEO of your business. Therefore, you’re the one responsible for its management and growth. To ensure that your revenue grows, you need to generate leads for your freelance business continuously. To help you do this, here’s how to generate leads from Facebook for your freelance business.

Know Your Audience

Creating a client avatar goes a long way in generating leads, as the avatar represents your ideal client. You need to think of the client’s age and interests, among other identifying factors.

If a one-on-one meeting also forms a part of your business model, you need to consider their location as well. It’s this avatar that you’ve created that you will use to target your ads.

Therefore you need to properly know the clients you’re targeting in order to create a more precise avatar that will represent your target audience sufficiently.

Build Awareness

After determining your target audience, the next thing is for this audience to know you. Therefore, you need to identify tips and strategies that will help you build awareness.

Before you can ever think of placing an ad on Facebook, ensure you have first created awareness among your target audience. Only then will your ads yield results.

You can create awareness by adding value through creating content that will interest your audience or guest blogging on a topic that offers a solution to a current problem in your niche.

Support Your List With Facebook Custom Audiences

A custom audience refers to the audience that you reached through your website traffic, through Facebook engagement or through email lists. People who have had a conversation with you in the past are more likely to identify you and possibly be interested in your campaigns.

Therefore, it’s best to build an audience from the people who have interacted with your website in the past and even signed up for your emails. These are likely to be easier leads than total strangers.

Start Using Lookalike Audiences

The Lookalike feature analyses your custom audience, Facebook page and conversion tracking pixel and then finds people who match your audience. To get access this, you need to use the Facebook ads manager.

Once you’ve created your lookalike audience, Facebook will then display your content to them. This will help you branch out and reach more targeted Facebook users and therefore give you more leads.

Final Thoughts On How To Generate Leads From Facebook

Freelancers have a tendency of leaning heavily on text ads and this doesn’t yield many results. Facebook is a far-reaching social channel with millions of users, most of which can be your target audience.

This means that you need more than one strategy to generate leads for your freelance business. Additionally, photos and videos are said to generate 104% more likes than text. Therefore, maximize your impact on Facebook by using more than one strategy.