how to become a micro influencer

How To Become A Micro Influencer

The term micro influencer refers to everyday social media users with a decent following. So, in order to be micro-influencer, you need to build rapport with an audience in a particular niche. You only need to have a few thousand followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be a small scale influencer. Here are ways and tips on how to become a micro influencer and make good money.

Choose A Niche Or Specialty

You need to choose a specific niche or specialty that you’re passionate about. It’s easier to become a thought-leader or a go-to-resource in a niche where you have some level of expertise.

While you need to create social circles on social media to become an influencer, being a micro influencer requires a tight-knit audience. In other words, you don’t need groups of massive proportions to succeed.

Instead, start by being the expert among your close friends, family members and colleagues before you expand your reach.

Have A Plan

Your content creation process should have a strategic twist. Being a micro influencer goes beyond having a cute Instagram account and posting entertaining content on a regular basis.

Therefore, come up with a set of rules on how you manage your content creation process and liaise with brands to promote their products.

Create Engaging Content

As a micro influencer, your most powerful tool is content, not your celeb or societal status. Although your content needs to be somewhat promotional, it has to be valuable and entertaining in order to be influential.

Start by creating informational content to build a decent following before you start promoting any product or service. Once you establish yourself as an authoritative personality in your niche, it’ll be much easier and effective to promote different brands.

Focus On Sharing Valuable Information

Being an influencer requires you to put the interests of your followers first. You’re in this business because you want to have an impact on the lives of your fans. So, if you find anything, promotional or not, that your admirers will find valuable, share it with them.

You will start making money when brands recognize that your followers appreciate your efforts through comments, likes and shares. This means that you need to build strong relationships and connections with your target audience from the outset.

That’s how you’ll get long-terms results from being a micro influencer.

Organize Your Platforms Professionally

You need to treat your marketing strategies professionally. Your social media profiles, blog or personal website should all present a professional online presence. While you don’t have to sound too uptight in your posts, you still need to provide value in a professional manner.

Stay abreast of what is happening in your industry and engage in valuable conversations so that you can create timely content. Build a credible online portfolio across major social media channels and always post engaging content that will help you grow.

Final Thoughts On How To Become A Micro Influencer

Brands love using micro influencers who are authentic and knowledgeable about a specific topic. Unlike full-fledged celebrities, a micro-influencer needs to be strategic and accurate in creating high-quality content that converts. Therefore, it’s easier to become a micro-influencer when you’re passionate about a particular topic and have some level of expertise.