how to make money on wix

How To Make Money On Wix: A Quick Guide

Did you know that you can make money on Wix? Wix is an online platform that has significantly simplified the website building process. To use Wix, you simply need to sign up and you can start building your website right away. And you don’t even need any coding knowledge, thanks to the platform’s drag and drop interface. Here are some tips on how to make money on Wix.

Get Hired To Design Websites

As much as anyone can create a website on Wix, some people simply don’t have the time. For instance, if someone is running a business, they would prefer to spend their time growing their businesses as opposed to building a website.

Therefore, if you’re an experienced web designer and you know how Wix works, then you can make money from your skills. Wix has a marketplace that is specifically meant for web designers. Once you sign up and your application is approved, you can start designing websites for clients.


This is one of the most popular ways of making money on Wix. If you already have blog on Wix, then you can use it to review products and then earn commissions. With this approach, you don’t have to worry about sourcing the products.

You just review a product and then add your affiliate links to those products. If someone purchases the products through your blog, then you’ll earn affiliate commissions.

However, it’s important to note that attracting an audience for a blog takes patience and effort. Therefore, don’t expect to start making money immediately after setting up your blog.

Sell Physical Or Digital Products On Wix

You can also make money on Wix by selling various types of digital products such as e-books, music, videos and software. You can either sell your own products or source them from other content creators.

Apart from digital products, you can also sell physical products like clothing, electronics or furniture. However, if you want to sell physical products, then you’ll need capital for your business since you have to source and ship them.

Be A Wix Trainer

After using Wix for a while, you will master how to use the different features on the platform. At this stage, you can now monetize your skills by becoming a Wix trainer.

For instance, you can come up with an educational template or even an online course. You can then sell it on various online platforms like Udemy. As long as your content is valuable, relevant and informational, you’ll always attract buyers.

Earn Through Ads

If your Wix website has a large following, then you can generate additional revenue through ads. There are various approaches that you can use to monetize your blog or website through ads.

For instance, you can place banner ads from platforms like InfoLinks or Google AdSense. You can also place ads from clients and then charge them depending on the size of the ad and the duration.

However, for Google AdSense, your website needs to fulfill certain conditions, for you to be considered.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Money On Wix

As you can see, Wix provides numerous ways of making money. You can earn through ads, sell products on Wix or even train people how to build websites on the platform. You simply need to identify the method that aligns with your skills and go for it.