how to start tutoring

How To Start Tutoring For Some Extra Cash

E-learning has produced a lot of job opportunities. One of those opportunities is a tutoring job. The greatest advantage of a tutoring job is that you can work from home. In addition to that, you have the liberty of setting your own working hours. The good thing with a tutoring job is that geography and the location of your client is not a restriction. Here is how to start tutoring for some extra cash.

Choose The Subject

Saying that you can tutor anything shows a lack of focus and desperation. Choose a subject or a few subjects that you’re interested in. As far as possible, teach in an area that you have a background in.

If you have a college degree in the area of your choice, all the better. However, the market is more interested in your input and experience and not mere qualifications.

Identify An Online Tutoring Site And Sign Up

In order to get a tutoring job, you need to identify a tutoring site and register. You need to make sure that you complete your profile as clients will be looking at this to seek a match up.

Most of these websites come with a certain specialization and it’s important that you choose the right platform.

Skills Required

If you’re tutoring someone who is not in your continent, then you need to change your sleeping hours and be available at appropriate times. Tutoring online, just like teaching, requires patience.

For example, if you’re teaching English to students in China, you have to be patient enough until they become oriented to your accent. The most important thing is that you have to keep your clients engaged and have fruitful sessions.

What You Need

First and foremost, if you’re to succeed in online tutoring, you have to be at ease with technology. You need to be conversant with an online tutoring model.

Your hardware should include a fast computer with fast internet, a microphone and a webcam. In addition to that, you need to do video communication. A pen tablet is essential if you’re teaching maths or science.

Marketing Efforts

Besides signing up on a tutoring website, there are other marketing efforts that you can try. You can place a flyer in a strategic location, near a school for example. Again, if you want to work with K-12 students, meet their counselors and their parents and inform them of your availability.

Other marketing avenues include Google Adwords, Facebook and Craiglist. Talk to your family, friends and existing clients on what you do and seek referrals from them.

Conclusion On How To Start Tutoring

You can explore a number of areas in tutoring. These include young pupils, primary school, high school, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and SAT, just to name but a few. If it means you have to complete some training, it will be worth it.

Overall, a tutoring job will offer you extra cash, experience and an opportunity to make friends.