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Ibotta App: Get Paid Real Money Every Time You Shop

Smart shoppers get paid real money every time they shop in store or online through the Ibotta app shopping portal. Ibotta gives you an opportunity to save over 50% through cash backs even when shopping for regular daily items.

Here is everything you need to know about Ibotta app’s exciting rebates and how to save money from lifestyle shopping and grocery.

How It Works

Ibotta gives you the option to transfer your refunds into gift cards or back into your bank account. It’s one of the few shopping portals that offers its users a chance to earn cash back on both in store and online shopping.

In addition, you can also earn $5 for inviting a friend to the shopping portal. The Ibotta app is available for both Android and iOS users.

You’ll be asked a few questions upon signing up for Ibotta because the service wants to understand each user’s shopping preferences and personalize their shopping experiences.

Once you complete the sign up process, Ibotta will show you the best offers based on the items you usually purchase. In other words, Ibotta will show you the best merchants that offer the most cash backs and prompt you to add it to your account.

You’ll also receive a $20 welcome bonus for joining the shopping portal.

In Store Cash Backs

You can get paid cash backs from the daily purchases you make at your favorite store. All you need to do is go to the Ibotta app and “Redeem Offers” by uploading your shopping receipt or scan the QR code.

Ibotta will then process your cash back within 48 hours and credit it to your Ibotta account. You can then convert the cash back into a gift card or money through the Venmo digital wallet.

Online Cash Backs

You can also get cash back from your regular online purchases. This is a great opportunity to save money by using the Ibotta rebates for your online purchases.

You need to select the Ibotta merchant that offers the best cash back rebates on the merchandise you want to purchase and Ibotta will do the rest.

Why Use The Ibotta App?

This is a legit shopping app that allows you to get rebates from your spending while you shop for everyday items such as vegetables, shampoo, juices, eggs, electronics, traveling, beauty and fashion, among other things.

Without using the Ibotta app as you shop is like leaving money on the table. By giving you cash back on the money you spend indicates that you’re saving.

While most shopping coupons on the internet don’t work, Ibotta’s coupons are genuine and can save you a lot of money. Always remember to save the best Ibotta coupons and use them before they expire.

With the Ibotta app you can get real money without compromising the way you purchase items daily, weekly or monthly. This is a famous app that provides cash backs, coupons and discounts.

The in store and online shopping portal is free to join. While you can’t get rich using Ibotta, since you’ll keep shopping anyway, you might as well save some quick bucks in the process.