ibotta vs ebates

Ibotta Vs Ebates: Which One Offers You More Rewards?

Both Ibotta and Ebates are in store and online shopping portals that allow users to save money as they shop. So, if you want to get some gift cards or real money into your bank account consider using either the Ibotta or Ebates apps. In this comparison of Ibotta vs Ebates, you’ll learn more about both portals and be able to choose the most suitable option for your specific needs.


Ibotta is a coupon and cash back app that’s available for both iOS and Android users. For a user to get cash backs from the app, he or she must perform certain simple tasks and purchase an item from the participating merchants.

You need to submit proof of purchase by uploading your shopping receipt or scanning a QR code using the Ibotta app. However, you need to get your cash back within the stipulated offer expiration timelines.

Once you accumulate $5 in your Ibotta account, you qualify to get your cash back.

How To Make The Most Of Ibotta

Ibotta offers you a $20 welcome bonus upon sign up. Use Ibotta when shopping for groceries at your favorite store. The app will pay you real money when you select the items you want to buy through the app.

You get paid by using Ibotta coupons and store loyalty cards. Invite friends through the Ibotta referral link and earn $5 for each invite. Over time, you can save a lot of money through this app.


This shopping app has been around since 1999. Participating merchants pay Ebates a commission for referring customers to their stores and Ebates shares a portion of the money with its members.

While you get to earn cash backs by shopping through Ebates, you must remember to remind the merchant that Ebates sent you. The easiest way to do that is through the Ebates chrome extension.

How To Make The Most Of Ebates

Ebates offers you a $10 welcome bonus upon sign up. Always remember to click on the Ebates Button whenever prompted at checkout. It’s also advisable to shop when your favorite merchant is offering the most cash backs.

You should also keep analyzing the history of cash backs from different merchants in order to land the best deals when they’re available. Ebates is right for you if you regularly shop in store or online.

Verdict On Ibotta Vs Ebates

You can maximize your earning potential by combining both Ibotta and Ebates in your shopping. Both apps are safe and popular among smart consumers who want to save some quick bucks while they shop at their favorite stores.

In addition, both apps don’t force consumers to buy items they wouldn’t normally buy in order to earn cash backs, rebates or discounts. In other words, you simply purchase what you usually shop for and earn money in the process.

Every penny counts when shopping in store or online. So, be diligent and take advantage of the Ibotta or Ebates opportunity to get paid real money when you shop at your favorite offline or online store.

Depending on your shopping habits and personal preferences, you can use either Ibotta or Ebates, or combine the two shopping portals to earn a few extra dollars.