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5 Key Strategies To Improve Your PPC Lead Quality

Running a successful PPC advertising campaign requires experience and expertise. Every detail matters, regardless of how small it might be. Here are 5 strategies that you can use to improve PPC lead quality.

Implement Proper Tracking

Once you launch your PPC ads, you need to come up with strategies of measuring their performance. Also, you need to track other key metrics besides the conversion rate.

With this data, it will be easy to determine where a lead came from, the device they were using and the keyword they searched for. Such information will then help you to refine your PPC ads and focus your advertising campaigns on channels that are delivering the highest ROI.

Segment Your Campaigns

Most businesses make the mistake of launching ad groups or campaigns for each service or product that they’re selling. They don’t spend enough time trying to identify the different ways that their target customer is looking for a solution.

Instead of using this approach, you should plan your campaigns carefully by segmenting your offers into different subgroups. For instance, you can segment them into features, product benefits, geographic location or target audience.

Once you’ve created different segments for your ads, you should then set up a campaign that features keywords for the segment, an ad copy customized to that group and a landing page for each segment.

Segmenting your campaigns enables you to focus your resources, improves lead quality and boosts your conversion rate.

Target Relevant Keywords To Improve PPC Lead Quality

Keywords play a vital role towards the success of any search campaign. Therefore, you need to go wide and deep when performing keyword research to ensure that you end up with the right ones for your business.

First, you need to identify the most relevant and focused keywords and then segment your campaigns accordingly. After that, you should go a step further and identify search-intent keywords.

Once you have those keywords, you can then go ahead and set up your PPC campaigns.

Remove Irrelevant Keywords

As noted above, targeting the right keywords will go a long way in improving PPC lead quality. However, you need to go a step further and prevent undesirable clicks.

Your search report will indicate whether your ads are getting irrelevant clicks. If you come across such clicks, you should add them to your list of negative keywords. Once you do that, you will be telling search engines not to show your ads whenever someone searches using those keywords.

Develop Customized Landing Pages

By the time a visitor lands on your website, you have already paid for that click. Therefore, strategies such as increasing the number of form fields to minimize the occurrence of poor quality leads are a waste of time.

You should instead focus on enhancing the conversion rate of your landing pages. Ensure you tailor your landing pages according to the needs, challenges and opportunities of your ad groups.

Also, you need to test various offers so that you can identify the ones that deliver a better conversion rate.