Why You Should Sign Up With InboxDollars To Make Extra Cash

Since its launch in 2000, InboxDollars has paid millions of dollars in cash rewards to its members. InboxDollars is an A+ rated and accredited brand by the Better Business Bureau. You can earn good money executing simple tasks such as downloading grocery coupons, watching videos, taking surveys and reading emails on the platform.

Here are the reasons why you should sign up with InboxDollars to earn extra cash.

How To Get Started With InboxDollars

All you need is your name and a valid email address to sign up for an InboxDollars account. Here are some things you need to know about joining InboxDollars:

  • You must be a USA resident
  • New members receive a free sign up bonus of $5
  • You may be required to complete the first task to get the bonus.

Activities To Complete

Here’s a rundown of all the activities you can expect to find on this platform.

Online Surveys

You can earn an average of $30 per survey through InboxDollars. Depending on your profile, you could be given different types of online surveys to complete in a day. In fact, participating in paid surveys is the most lucrative way of making extra cash through InboxDollars.

However, some of these high-paying online surveys are reserved for specific members with unique profiles. Unfortunately, you’ll only be notified whether you qualify or not after you’ve completed the survey.

Hence, you might waste several minutes completing a survey that you actually don’t qualify for. So, your best chance is to fill out all the required profile surveys offered to you. There’s a wide range of survey niches including different products, food, finance, health and fitness.

Reading Emails

Members receive a bunch of paid emails to read through. You may be required to sign up for trial periods before you qualify for some of these gigs. In a day, you may read around four emails and earn $10 per email.

Try New Products

InboxDollars research partners may require you to try out new or improved products. For example, you may be asked to test a new mobile application. On average, you can earn around $15 for testing an app.

Watching Videos

You can also make some extra cash watching videos or television. Videos are from different niches such as entertainment, cooking, current events or advertisements. While some of the videos may be of poor quality, many of the InboxDollars videos are very interesting to watch.

Playing Games

Playing games is one of the easiest ways of earning a side income on the platform. However, playing certain games on InboxDollars doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get paid. Some of the games that will make you cash include Bejeweled, Solitaire and Chess.

Sometimes you might be required to pay some money to play some of the games on the platform. You’ll earn up to 20% cash back for every dollar you spend. In addition, there are tons of GSN casino-like games that can earn you money.

Shopping Online

The website allows members to shop online, as well. The company has partnered with reputable brands such as the Disney store and Walmart among others.

Internet Searching

The site allows users to scour the internet to get paid. While not all web searches will earn you a few cents if you’re consistent you can make a few bucks. Alternatively, you can win cash Sweepstakes through InboxDollars.

Downloading Grocery Coupons

Downloading and printing out grocery coupons is another great way of making money. Some of the coupons on offer include Minute Maid Juice, Colgate toothpaste and Huggies baby diapers. Taking advantage of these grocery coupons will save you a few bucks down the road.

InboxDollars allows members to influence the quality of future products and services from different brands. The data collected by InboxDollars’ research partners goes a long way in influencing the type of products to be manufactured in the future.

Also, apart from being paid to complete these online tasks, you can increase your earnings by participating in ongoing contests and promos to win money.