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Where Can You Find The Best Jobs For Ghost Writers?

In simple terms, ghostwriting refers to writing for another individual without taking credit for the work. You’ll be writing the project as if it was yours but you’ll not get any acknowledgment for the work or use your own byline. Your client will get credit for your script, essay, article or book but you’ll receive financial compensation. So, where can you find the best jobs for ghost writers?

Here are some of the platforms that you should check out.


BlogMutt is a US-based writing platform where numerous types of jobs are posted every day. It’s mainly a platform where businesses who don’t have the expertise, resources or the time to create content themselves come to hire writers.

Many bloggers and website owners use this platform to advertise writing jobs and hire skilled writers. What separates this platform from other websites is that it’s reserved for US natives, thus helping to maintain high quality while minimizing competition.

Therefore, if you’re looking for ghostwriting gigs, you should check out this website.


Upwork is probably one of the most popular freelance platforms in the world today. Many ghostwriters use this platform to generate a full-time income because thousands of jobs are posted every day.

But before you can use the platform, you first need to create an account. Once your account has been approved, you can now start bidding for jobs. Your job completion success as well as your rating, will determine your ease of winning bids or landing clients.

However, you should note that Upwork is quite competitive, considering that it allows freelancers from all parts of the globe. But if you’ve managed to build an impressive rating, then landing clients will not be an issue.


If you’re just launching your ghostwriting career, then HireWriters is a great place to start. As much as their rates are not as impressive as those offered elsewhere, they give you a chance to gradually enhance your skills.

Work is plenty on this website. Depending on your rating, you’ll be able to rise from a lower level to a higher level which translates to higher earnings.


Guru has been around for quite a long time. In fact, it’s one of the oldest freelancing platforms in the world today. Freelancers on this website have earned more than $200 million.

And this should tell you a lot about this platform. Clients on Guru are willing to pay handsomely for quality work. Also, competition is quite stiff on Guru. But once you land your first client and deliver excellent work, you should be ready to land consistent projects.

Final Thoughts On Finding Jobs For Ghost Writers

Similar to other freelance writing jobs, landing ghostwriting gigs is a matter of digging through the various job boards, postings or listings and sending out great introductory pitches.

The most important thing is to deliver excellent work and build an impressive portfolio. As much as you might not get a byline for the article or blog post, you’ll be adequately compensated for your efforts. Besides that, you’ll get the opportunity to work to your own schedule.