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How You Can Make A Passive Side Income As A Kindle Publisher

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is one of the easiest business models for making money online. Furthermore, leveraging the popularity of Amazon will help you grow your business and scale immeasurably. Here’s a guide on how you can make a passive side income as a Kindle publisher.

Write What Your Readers Want To Read

Writing an interesting eBook that people will buy and read starts with conducting thorough research. By using a reverse-engineering approach, you can start your research on Amazon to make sure your topic is among the best-selling niches.

Writing about what is already selling on Amazon’s best-seller pages shows that there’s a ready market for your eBook.

During your research, it’s critical that you outline your book by creating a list of chapters with a summary of what should be covered in each chapter. At this stage, focus on writing down all your ideas, rather than wasting your time on editing.

Additionally, give yourself a break after finishing the first draft before you start revising it.

Package Your eBook To Sell

For your eBook to hit the best-seller status, you need to package and launch it properly. The packaging includes the following components:

  • Editing – You need a professional editor to turn your manuscript into a polished book
  • Book cover – If you don’t have professional graphic design skills, hire an expert to do it for you
  • Formatting – Ensure your eBook is in a format that will upload to the KDP platform
  • Description – Writing the book description is your opportunity to convince potential buyers to consider your work
  • Book categories and relevant keywords – Amazon allows publishers to select two categories and seven relevant keywords for their books. Potential book buyers use these categories and keywords to search for books on Amazon.

Self-Publish On Amazon

Once you’re satisfied with the packaging, it’s time to upload your work to the KDP platform through your KDP account and hit publish. Next, you need to come up with a strategic plan on how you intend to promote your eBook.

You must promote your published book for a few weeks before the Amazon engine can take notice and start doing its magic.

You can count on receiving royalty checks each month even when you’re not promoting your books on Amazon KDP. Furthermore, if you’ve generated a few sales from your own efforts, Amazon will help you by:

  • Sharing your eBook with Kindle readers
  • Displaying your eBook as a suggested book
  • Highlighting your eBook on the best-sellers’ page

However, if you don’t like the idea of marketing your published book, you can still schedule a few promotions on various book promotion sites. You can also achieve exceptional results by using a launch team to get book reviews.

Final Thoughts On Making A Side Income As A Kindle Publisher

If you’re into blogging, putting together an eBook of around 50 pages and making money through KDP is a great idea. Kindle publishing is a fast-growing business model among smart digital marketers and talented writers.

As readers discover and download your eBooks on Amazon, you’ll get instant credibility and keep growing.