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Top 5 Reasons Why Live Chat Can Help Your Business Grow

Many businesses with an online presence have started to take live chat support very seriously. Most are making sure their websites have live chat so that they can give interactive real time feedback to their customers.

This is preferable because the only other option would be for customers to leave the website. Real time live chats with customer support help create customer confidence and is very beneficial for the conversion rates of any business.

American Online Consumers did an analysis that revealed that 68% of customers use live chat and 63% of them will go back to a website that has live chat for a repeat purchase.

Here are 5 reasons why live chat can help your business grow.

1. Live Chat Is Convenient To Customers In Real Time

One reason why customers prefer live chat is because it provides them with real time convenience. A survey by Forrester revealed that 44% of online customers are of the conviction that one of the most amazing aspects that a business website can contain is the ability to interact live with a chat agent while making a purchase.

When you have live chat on your website, customers tend to stay longer. They love that their questions can be answered instantly without any delays. They don’t have to send emails and they don’t have to make calls and this is very convenient for them.

2. Live Chats Save Companies Money

The use of live chat support software can save businesses money over a period of time when used in the right manner. This is because businesses will not have to use their money and resources training additional staff and they will not have to outsource support services externally.

Therefore, they’re able to communicate with their customers internally and this is much cheaper compared to other option.

3. Live Chat Offers Enhanced Insights Into Visitor Attitudes

Most businesses are faced with the challenge of comprehending why some visitors to their websites make purchases and others fail to do so. The fact that consumer behavior keeps on changing makes this even more difficult.

Live chat is without a doubt the best alternative to emails or phone calls to determine customer attitudes. Live chats generally have smaller queues and the response is proactive while the waiting time is decreased considerably.

This ensures that customer information is sorted using their first logging. When a customer has to chat again, it’s easy to use their previous records. The insights a company receives from such chats can help them determine a lot about the customer and can help them serve the customer better.

4. It Improves Website User Experience

Most customers have many questions to ask before they will make a purchase decision. Live chat can be very beneficial for enabling customers in determining what they want.

It’s also a wonderful feature for assisting customers in resolving issues about subscriptions. When customers need information, they get it without having to leave the website.

Therefore, they don’t have to send long emails or make phone calls. This enhances their website user experience considerably.

5. Live Chat Increases Conversions And Sales

The fact that customers have an actual person speaking to them and taking them through the purchase process makes them more confident. As a result, customers are likely to spend more on your website rather than on websites with no chat feature.

Consequently, live chats help generate leads and gives your business a competitive advantage. This is turn helps to increase conversions and sales.

When customers are happy and are attended to in the right manner, they’re less likely to change from one merchant to another. These customers also develop a stronger bond with the business and are very likely to share their experiences with friends and family.

At the end of the day, customers need fast and convenient services. They need efficiency and when you provide that, they’ll keep coming back.