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What To Expect From Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

Regardless of your industry or business model, having adequate support will help you grow and overcome any arising challenges. On the community level, joining the local Chamber of Commerce can be a huge source of support.

The primary goal of a Chamber of Commerce is to support the interests of businesses at the community level. That’s why the Chamber of Commerce in your locality hosts various events. It also engages in activities such as lobbying local representatives to participate in charitable programs.

Here is what to expect from your local Chamber of Commerce.

Opportunity To Build Relationships

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce gives you an opportunity to make friends. Plus, you can create strong relationships with potential business partners.

While some of the relationships may not bring you financial gratification, the emotional return of connecting with other business people is more meaningful.

Serving on various committees and interacting with different people outside your daily routine creates an opportunity to network with people from all walks of life.

In the end, you’ll learn important relationship building skills that can help you in pursuing your business related agendas.

Your Business Will Get Increased Visibility

Although putting your business on the internet will boost your visibility in the cyber world, face to face connections play an integral role in boosting visibility. The foundation of a healthy business is based on strong relationships.

So, joining a Chamber of Commerce in your locality helps you create magical connections with people at the grassroots level. Furthermore, potential customers are more likely to consider your small business if they regularly see you actively participating in non-transaction based local events.

Furthermore, the friends you make at these local functions are likely to turn into loyal clients down the road.

Access To Members-Only Services

As a member of a Chamber of Commerce in your locality you can expect to gain access to members-only services such as discounts. However, the type of special services that members can access differs from chamber to chamber.

For example, members of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce for small businesses in Oregon, where the Sandy based Verizon Wireless retailer is a member, offers members an opportunity to receive $10 discount when they purchase any phone or phone accessory from the retailer.

An Opportunity To Promote Your Small Business

A local chamber group creates sponsorship and advertising opportunities for small business owners and startups in a local area. You can choose to sponsor some of your Chamber’s programs and thus, promote your business in the process.

Chambers offer their members business promotion openings through their regular newsletters, awards and printed materials. Businesses are allowed to advertise their special events, discounts or products in these free marketing mediums.

A Chamber of Commerce with an online presence will even give you more promotional leverage against your local competitors.

Final Thoughts On Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce is a vital resource that most small businesses and salespeople tend to overlook. For a modest annual fee, the Chamber of Commerce in your local area can help your small business grow and prosper.

While you can find value in attending some of the events hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce without signing up as member, it’s definitely more beneficial to become a member.