make money on linkedin

These 4 Tips Will Help You Make Money On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered the largest business-oriented search engine. However, many LinkedIn users do not view it as anything more than just a platform to post their resume and profiles online. But the truth is that this is not how LinkedIn works. With a proper strategy, you can make your LinkedIn account a source of incredible income. Here are four tips that can help you make money on LinkedIn.

Brand Your Profile Header

At the top of the LinkedIn profile, there’s space for an image. You can display your corporate logo or personal branding and do the same thing throughout all your social networks. This ensures consistency.

If an interested person sees your photo and they have seen it elsewhere, it will immediately click and they will click on it. It’s important also to invest in a professional head shot if it’s a personal profile.

LinkedIn statistics show that profiles with photos receive 21 times more views and 36 times more messages. The first step to making money via LinkedIn is to have people view your profile.

Add A Client-Centric Headline

Your profile has a headline that shows at the top of your comment to others’ posts, underneath your name. By default, your job title appears in this space and therefore, if your title is not unique, you will miss out on opportunities.

Therefore, when setting up a headline, think of the clients you’re targeting and set up a client-centric one. Use a benefit-related statement meant to tell your viewers just how best you can serve them.

For example, you can write, “I assist businesses to build systems, undo chaos and increase sales.”

Make Your Summary Count

You pick up a book in the book store because its title grabs your attention. However, it does not end there. If the summary of the book does not have a properly written interesting summary, you will not go far with it.

This is the same with LinkedIn. After thinking of your picture and headline, now make your summary catchy. It ought to capture who you are and what you do and give details that will make clients see you as a solution.

Endorse Your Colleagues And Clients

You may wonder if writing endorsement for others has any effect on your LinkedIn account. Well, that is an open debate. In the least, when you endorse someone else, your profile picture, name and title appear in their profile.

This exposes you more to their networks. The more people who get to see you, the more they will develop an interest and dig deep into your profile.

Final Thoughts To Help You Make Money On LinkedIn

LinekedIn has about 610 million members, but 60% of them are not actively involved in positioning themselves with business in mind. This is all you require to make money on LinkedIn.

With a few strategies and tips to stand out from the rest, you can make money on LinkedIn.