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How Much Money Can You Make As A Movies Extra?

Being a movies extra might not be as influential as being a lead actor but the role that one plays is very significant. The success of a movie or show is not only dependent on the performance of the main actors but also the contribution of the background extras.

As movies extras, actors are paid to make a scene as complete as possible. For example, if a scene is shot in a restaurant, a movie extra is paid to fill an empty seat or be an on-looker. If you’re interested in becoming a high earning actor in the future, you can begin by being a movie extra.

Here is a brief description of how much money you can earn as a movie extra.

Performing As A Union Movies Extra

The Screen Actors Guild is a union that represents film, radio and television personalities around the world. If you’re represented by the union, you’re eligible to be a union extra. If you are a union extra, you’re entitled to a minimum payment of $148 per day.

The afore-mentioned amount is for a regular working rate of 8 hours a day. With an extended working day, it’s possible for you to make as much as $180. Thus, ensure that you’re under the union to earn higher as a movie extra.

Performing As A Non-Union Extra

If you’re not part of the Screen Actors Guild, then you’re a non-union extra. It’s still possible for you to be featured in a film as a movie extra even if you’re not under the union.

However, the implication of this is that you will earn less than one who is a member of the union. The minimum amount you can earn as a non-union extra is $8 per day. Rates do vary, though.

This means that you can earn up to 50% more than the stipulated minimum. It’s also worth pointing out that you can only get a chance if the required number of union extras are engaged. This implies that as a non-union extra, you’re limited in regards to how much you can earn.

Being A Special Talent Actor

If you have a unique talent like skateboarding, you can fit into being a movie extra and earn considerably well. This type of skill is of great significance for a movie that has a basis on that or that will require such a scene.

In most cases, film companies conduct auditions for unique talent roles to get the right background actors for their films. They have to find people who are proficient in particular areas like skateboarding and sword fighting.

Given the level of expertise that one should have, a movie extra can earn $180 a day to act in a scene as a background actor. In the same vein, you can negotiate for an appropriate pay rate if you’re performing under extreme conditions.

Conclusion On The Benefits Of Being A Movies Extra

Undoubtedly, being a movie extra is a great way to make money. If you have a passion for acting, you can give it a try by applying and auditioning with film companies. Better still, consider becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild to earn more as a movie extra.

Again, if you have a special talent in a particular area, you increase your chances of earning more.