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How To Use OneNote As A To Do List

A to do list is a unique approach for ensuring that you’re handling all your day to day tasks progressively and efficiently. This is why you should use Microsoft OneNote to set up your to do list. Especially because there are many benefits of using this particular program.

OneNote can be used on all devices making it easy to use. You can tag the to-do list and OneNote will organize the notes you’ve tagged and make them easily usable so you can look them up and print them if you so require.

So how do you use OneNote as a to-do list? Here are some tips.

Creating A To Do List On OneNote

You can keep track of items that are in your notes by tagging them as a to-do list. This gives you the ability to manage the list by evaluating all your tags on the tags condensed pane.

All you have to do is take notes by keying in text on the OneNote page. Choose the text that you desire to itemize and record as a to-do item and click on the home tab and next click on the to-do tab.

Once an item has been selected, it will automatically have a check box beside it. When you want to locate all tags using the home tab, simply click on find tags. Once you’ve finished the items, click on the box that is besides each tag to show that you’ve finished.

Setting Up Your List

You set up a to-do list on a new page in OneNote which is opened by clicking on Ctrl-N and then use the cursor to point to where you want the do-do list to start.

Click on the home tab and then click on the to-do icon. Once you’ve typed the details of the first chore and clicked on enter, OneNote will spontaneously add a new to-do tag where the next line starts.

Once you reach the end of your list, click on enter two times to command OneNote not to add any more tags. Click on a to-do tag and this will place a check mark on the tag. If you want the check mark cleared, you simply click again.

How To Connect OneNote To Outlook

If you would like to connect OneNote to Outlook, simply right click on what you want to add from your to-do list and then click on the flag icon. You can also use the cursor which you place on the to-do list and then click on the Outlook tasks icon.

You can find this in the home ribbon. Go to the drop down menu and choose when the item is due and this will create a task on outlook.

When you click on custom, a new Outlook task window will be displayed and this is where you will configure the task so it will appear as if you have generated it in Outlook itself.

You can then modify the outlook task to incorporate a start and end date and also have all the details about the task. Outlook can also give you a notification before the task is due if you click on reminder.

Final Thoughts On Using OneNote As A To Do List

The advantage of using OneNote is that it’s an on the go program that can be used with mobile apps such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone appliances. There’s a free online version that you can use but you’ll also have to register with a free Microsoft account.

OneNote also has the capacity to sync with desktops and can also be synced with online and offline usage. The options are numerous and you can choose one that fits with your requirements.