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Are You Looking For An Online Graphic Design Course? Try Udemy

Udemy is an online teaching and learning marketplace with over 10,000 courses. From programming to graphics, entrepreneurship, data science, marketing and content creation, Udemy offers many courses and keeps growing. Therefore, you can take an online graphic design course from their extensive graphics courses that are in stages and taken separately.

The courses are good for freelancers who want to be their own boss. The online graphics courses not only teach you how to use the various features and dynamics in graphic design but will also add to your employability and enhance your freelance skills.

Discussed below is how you can learn graphic design online with Udemy.

Graphic Design Bootcamp

One course you can take on Udemy to learn graphic design is the graphic design boot camp. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how to work with both web projects and print in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Also, you’ll learn and gain confidence in designing web graphics, business cards and flyers, among others. Moreover, you’ll learn how to develop a skill set that will set you up to be employable as a graphic designer in this creative industry.

It will require that you have basic computer proficiency and have knowledge of any adobe app necessary. You also need to have access to the adobe creative suite that includes Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Illustrator Masterclass

On the other hand, the Illustrator masterclass will teach you how to design logos, create vector illustrations, turn photos into vector networks, colorize and vectorize traced hand drawings.

Also, after completing the course, you’ll be able to prepare graphics for web print and design infographics. You’ll also learn master advanced Illustrator techniques and know how to use best practices and shortcuts.

Furthermore, you can test your understanding using the quizzes provided in the course as well as practice with the provided exercise files. Prior knowledge is not needed, but you’ll need access to Adobe Illustrator that is preferably not older than CS6.

Ultimate Photoshop Training

The most commonly used graphic tool is Photoshop. You can learn this on Udemy and the specifics you’ll learn include icons, illustrations, business cards and characters.

You will also learn how to improve and repair photos and clean up face imperfections. Additionally, you can use creative effects for designing stunning text styles.

Most interestingly, you’ll learn how to add or remove people or objects from a photo and cut away a person from their background. Furthermore, you’ll learn layers, master selections and how to work with the layers panel.

To learn all this, you don’t need prior knowledge of Photoshop but you may need to have Photoshop installed on your computer as the best way to learn is through practice.

Final Thoughts On Finding An Online Graphic Design Course

Udemy is an excellent place to learn graphic design from the fundamental level to the advanced. Even better, Udemy keeps updating their courses to keep up with current trends.

Therefore, you can keep going back to the courses that have downloadable audios, as you practice and advance your knowledge.