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Reasons Small Businesses Must Optimize For Voice Search

Voice search has become one of the major trends in digital marketing. Consumers are now seeking real time data concerning their choices and actions. A survey carried out in early 2019 found that only 4 % of businesses are voice prepared. Therefore, it’s time that you seriously considered the use of voice search technology. The following are reasons small businesses must optimize for voice search.

Benefits Of Voice Search Technology

Small businesses should make use of voice search technology due to the immense benefits it gives consumers. For instance, it allows one to save time because it’s fast.

Closely connected to this is the opportunity to save time on daily routines. In addition to that, it can allow a user to multi-task and thus be able to do other things.

For example, Amazon Alexa comes with numerous benefits such as strong word recognition and the ability to adapt to the voice of the online user over the course of time.

It Will Help You Reach Certain Target Audiences Better 

Most age groups will be comfortable with a mobile personal assistant. However, certain market segments are more inclined to the use of a voice search than others.

Teenagers have a high affinity for the use of voice search. It’s therefore important to have certain market segments in mind in order to have a more focused campaign.

Voice Search Technology Has Become More Accurate

One of the most observable characteristics with technology is that it becomes better with time, though not necessarily in all the cases. Voice search technology has undergone a drastic evolution since it was first introduced.

In particular, the use of AI technology has translated to a 95 % accuracy in the use of voice search technology. For example, Siri voice search is known to be accurate and has unique features such as deep learning, intelligence and fast response.

Enables Users To Use Their Mobile Devices

It’s a foregone conclusion that the use of desktops is losing relevance with time with users gravitating towards mobile devices. This trend will continue. As an entrepreneur, you need to be conscious about EAT.

This means your business interactions with customers should be used on a threefold criteria – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. In addition, SEO factors are going to have an effect on the SEO ranking of voice search.

A case in point is Baidu which facilitates trade between China and the US through voice search thus, at least circumnavigating some Chinese restrictions.

It Helps In Marketing A Local Business

Most online entrepreneurs concentrate on driving traffic from national and global sources. One thing they forget is that a customer is most likely going to go to a nearby location when seeking a product or service.

Local businesses can benefit immensely from the use of voice search. Thus, in a voice search strategy, words which are of paramount importance include the word near and the word nearby.

Conclusion On Why To Optimize For Voice Search

Comscore says that by the year 2020, 50 % of all searches will be based on images and voices. Similarly, Sundar Pichai, the CEO at Google, stated that 20 % of queries directed to his company are based on voice searches.

Therefore, you should consider the use of voice search in your SEO strategy. At the center of this is the need to create a memorable and optimal user experience. Overall, the use of voice search will prepare you to be competitive in the future.