Turn Outlook Into A Project Management Tool Using OneNote

Most individuals and businesses only use Outlook for email as well as keeping track of their calendar. However, Microsoft Outlook is more than just an email management and time-tracking platform. It comes with a wide range of features which you can use to enhance business productivity.

If you deal with regular project handling in your business or you’re looking for a way of managing your team better, Microsoft Outlook can be a great tool. It’s one of the most effective but underrated project management tools on the market.

Once you integrate it with OneNote, you can use it as a project management tool through the following ways.

Integrating OneNote With Outlook

As a daily overview tool, Microsoft Outlook is almost unmatched. It comes with almost everything that you’ll need, from task descriptions and priorities to due dates.

You can also divide the categories into projects that you’re currently working on. But as much as Outlook is a powerful tool, it falls short when you want to organize the information into separate documents, spreadsheets, meeting notes and other records that are needed for these tasks.

Therefore, you’ll need something like a notebook or folder where you can store the different records and details for each task. And this is where OneNote comes in. It integrates smoothly with Outlook. Integrating OneNote with Outlook will only take you a few minutes.

Project Management With Outlook And OneNote

Once you’ve integrated Outlook with OneNote, you first need to open OneNote and then create a new notebook. The new notebook should be dedicated to task management.

After that, you should then create new categories or sections for every project that you’re working on currently. All tasks should then fall under one project or the other.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook doesn’t allow you to visually organize the tasks per project. But by creating different categories in OneNote, you’ll end up with a nice and clean visual layout which enables you to organize all your tasks under their projects.

You can then view every task separately, making it easy to manage each one of them.

Organizing Your Tasks

By integrating Outlook with OneNote you end up with a centralized workspace where you can easily organize and access everything related to the task. For instance, you can insert various data tables, attach different files, insert scanned images or pictures or make audio recordings.

Also, you can add a to-do list within the task you’re working on so that you can easily track and monitor your progress. Whatever you’re working on, the OneNote integration gives you a centralized workspace to manage and organize your tasks.

You no longer have to waste time and effort, digging through hundreds of folders for related files.

Final Thoughts On Using Outlook With OneNote

Managing different projects can prove to be a time consuming affair, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. The good news is that you don’t need to spend your money on project management software.

You just need to integrate Outlook with OneNote and you can now manage everything from a single interface.