passive income with apps

How You Can Easily Make A Passive Income With Apps

The term passive income refers to a type of income which does not require the active participation of an individual in order to earn. There many passive income apps available for anyone online. Some are semi-passive while others are fully passive and allow you to start earning a steady income. Here’s how to easily make a passive income with apps.

Shopping Apps

Many people earn passive income from shopping apps through the regular activity of shopping. Well, you may ask – but shopping is active? Why call it passive income? It’s termed as passive since you would have shopped anyway and for no income.

Therefore, the rewards you earn are passive income. There are shopping portal reward apps like Ebates and Birch Finance from which you can earn rewards from your regular spending.

However, ensure you don’t spend money you didn’t intend to, just to earn rewards.

Saving And Investing Apps

Saving and investing apps allow you to accumulate higher savings from investment income or saving some money from your regular expenditure. Whichever way, earning investment income or making a regular distribution to savings is earning a passive income.

Basically, this means that you don’t have to work to earn this income. You just have to put your money into it and wait for your income. Most of these apps do not require a heavy investment or a high risk.

You can even use more than one app. In fact, it’s advisable to use several for diversification and to distribute or spread your risks.

There are several saving apps you can look at. One such app is Capital One 360 that offers a variety of ways to earn that extra coin on your banking activities.

By checking the average interest rate on savings, banks give a passive income. Another one is Digit whose aim is to help a non-saver become a saver by rewarding them for their saving habits.


When you sign up to Paribus, you use the email to which all your store receipts are directed. Therefore, you can determine if any store owes you a refund and also get notifications on price changes that you’re entitled to.

Not only will this app notify you, but it will also assist in getting your money back. Paribus tracks more than 25 big retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Moreover, if you’re planning to travel, they’ll get you hotel suggestions in the locality you intend to stay and then you’ll get paid as you spend the money you would have spent anyway.

Final Thoughts On Making A Passive Income With Apps

With the world going digital, there are many apps available online that individuals can earn a passive income from while at home or working on other things.

Many at times, there are too many and you may get confused. Furthermore, knowing the credible ones may also be an uphill task.

Therefore, the above are just a few ways to earn a passive income from apps. The secret is finding what works best for you and learning the appropriate tips in order to execute the same.