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Popular Marketplaces For Buying And Selling Businesses

Buying an online business comes down to mitigating the time, knowledge and monetary investment required to build a business while still gaining the advantage of owning a business. Furthermore, you have the option to buy a business whose profitability and brand has been proven. Have a look at these popular marketplaces for buying and selling businesses.


Flippa has over time, proven to be a credible site where you can find established and profitable websites for sale. From as low as $500, you can find websites with a good track record and as low as $100 for a starter site.

Unlike many other sites, Flippa doesn’t have a formal vetting process. Therefore, everyone can list. Flippa also sells domain names, e-commerce websites and apps.

In an auction-based market place, buyers bid against each other and thus, sellers can set a minimum price and the business sells to the highest bidder.


In 2017, Shopify launched Exchange after testing its model on their website. Here, you can buy either a starter or an established store and the model is simple in the market place.

In their listings, you’ll have everything laid out and sometimes even inventory stocked. You can get stores priced as low as 500 dollars. However, it’s not always wise to purchase a store because of a low price.

Also, via the exchange app, you can list your online store for sale as a merchant. You may also edit this data to ensure that what buyers see is really what they get.

Empire Flippers

This is one of the top-notch reputable market places where you can list your website. Your site must be making a minimum of $500 per month for 12 consecutive months.

Furthermore, there’s a strict vetting process. You must have Google analytics and then they will double-check your revenue numbers for proof. This means that buying a business from this marketplace is almost a sure deal and you have the option to prove it using the data available.

FE International

This is a high-end market place selling expensive sites that happen to be very credible. This is not the marketplace for newbies. However, you can find highly useful sites here.

Furthermore, the possibility of getting scammed is lower than all the other sites with the lowest possible cases reported. If this is the market place you’re interested in, you need to have a budget of above $30,000.

Final Thoughts On Popular Marketplaces For Buying And Selling Businesses

The decision always lies with you as to whether you’ll buy or start an online business from scratch. Your budget plays a major role as to which marketplace will suit you best.

As a seller, your level of business determines how much you will sell your site for and on which platform. There are always businesses for everyone whether you’re a beginner or not.