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What Kind Of Gigs Can You Find On The ProBlogger Job Board?

ProBlogger is a great platform where both writers and clients meet. This is where potential employers and freelance writers connect and interact. So, as a freelance writer looking for different types of writing gigs, you should consider the ProBlogger job board.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the platform and the type of writing gigs you can find on the job board.

Why Consider The ProBlogger Job Board

Advertisers on the platform pay a fee of $70 to place their ads on the job board. This means that scammers and the “bottom feeders” that flood other online job boards such as Upwork are all somehow filtered out.

Therefore, ProBlogger is a cheapskate free zone because only serious potential employers are allowed to view the applications of freelance writers.

Somehow, this also inspires writers. The quality of applications that employers get from freelance writers is unmatchable. In other words, the general standards for writers and writing gigs is very high.

How The Problogger Job Board Works

Employers or clients post the requirements of their respective writing gigs on the job board. These potential clients include small online businesses and established multinationals.

Hence, freelance writers can access around five new roles posted each day. This means that writers can rest assured of getting a constant stream of writing gigs that can sustain their careers.

For employers, if you make your post stand out, you’re likely to receive several high-quality applications from great writers.

Types Of Gigs On The Job Board

Here’s just a sample of some of the types of writing gigs that you’ll find on this job board.

Blog & Article Writing

There are many website owners looking for experienced writers to create engaging blog posts and articles for their sites. Therefore, regardless of your writing skills, you can easily craft enticing blog posts as long as you know how to do keyword research.

On the other hand, as an experienced freelance writer you can also craft articles for these webmasters on the ProBlogger job board.

Editing & Proofreading

Employers on the ProBlogger job board are always recruiting professional editors and experienced proofreaders. While proofreading jobs might not be that lucrative, professional editors can earn a lot of money through the job board.

In fact, most of the editing & proofreading gigs on the platform are from non-native English speakers looking for native English speakers to polish their articles and books.

Design & Development

Design & Development is a field that is growing rapidly. If you have some design skills, you can find high-paying design gigs from people who want business logos, business cards, whiteboards, flyers and more.

Website developers can also be hired through the job board to design websites remotely from the comfort of their own homes.

Marketing & Promotion

Many businesses are looking for freelance marketers to promote their products online. So, if you’re an experienced digital marketer, you can also find well-paying marketing & promotion jobs on the ProBlogger job board.

Your duties and responsibilities could include creating enticing digital marketing creatives, doing research, launching effective online marketing campaigns, liaising with traffic service providers and generating leads or sales.


Small business owners and influencers in different industries recruit ghostwriters for the content creation processes. Some ghostwriting jobs on ProBlogger pay higher than you can ever earn from your bylined content. In other words, focusing on the ghostwriting gigs on ProBlogger is a profitable way of growing your writing career.


As a copywriter, you’ll be tasked with writing catalogs, product descriptions, marketing emails, product reviews, marketing materials and brochures. The copywriting gigs on the platform are very flexible and thus allow writers to work from anywhere.

As long as you have a stable internet connection on your PC, you can visit the job board and pick copywriting gigs to work on.


As a freelance writer, ProBlogger should be part of your arsenal. You can visit the website to find writing jobs or sometimes recruit skilled writers to handle some of your writing tasks. There is a decent level of quality on the ProBlogger platform in terms of the writers themselves and the work they do.