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Sell Instagram Shoutouts For A Lucrative Second Income Stream

An Instagram shoutout is an endorsement from one Instagram user to another. For instance, you can post a screenshot, image or photo of another Instagram account in your posts. You can then ask your followers to follow that person. That mention is a shoutout. When you sell Instagram shoutouts it’s like selling your followers.

Many companies are willing to buy Instagram shoutouts just as long as you have a quality following that will benefit their business. Therefore it can be a lucrative source of income.

Ideally, since it’s about getting a public endorsement from another Instagram user, two users can agree to endorse each other on their separate accounts. However, in the business world, this would rarely happen since it would mean being endorsed by your competitor.

Thus, businesses prefer to buy shoutouts from influencers in their niche who would have the type of followers that would impact their business. Here’s how you can sell Instagram shoutouts.

Identify A Niche And Build A Following

Just like in influencer marketing, you cannot be a jack of all trades. You need to be an authority in your niche to influence your followers. Thus, the first step towards making a lucrative income with selling shoutouts is building a meaningful following.

You need to realize that for a brand to buy your shoutouts, they must be convinced of your followers. However, it’s not always about the number of followers.

For instance, you might have a million teenage followers, but they will not have an impact on business since they don’t have the purchasing power.

Reach Out

There is really no way that brands will know that you sell shoutouts unless you clearly tell them. Therefore, in your bio indicate that you do and be specific.

Specifically, indicate your niche and areas of interest. Also, ensure that your posts add value to your followers and that you engage fully with them. This way, when a prospect looks at your account, it sells itself.

Furthermore, you can identify a brand you would like to sell Instagram shoutouts to and reach out to them. You may also decide to go the extra mile and post a free mention before approaching them.

Then, when you approach them, they’ll go through your profile and that free mention will surely impress them/p>

Sell All Your Followers Or The Entire Account

One way to sell Instagram shoutouts is to sell the entire account with all its followers. However, for your account to attract high value, you need to have more than 100,000 followers and these should be valuable prospects.

Given the value of this model, you’re likely to make quite a handsome income from it.

Final Thoughts On How To Sell Instagram Shoutouts

Companies do not hesitate to buy favorable Instagram shoutouts. In fact, the total amount spent by companies buying Instagram shoutouts was $4.5 billion in 2016 alone and this figure continues to rise.

Therefore, as long as you have built a valuable account with a sizeable following, you can make a lucrative income from selling Instagram shoutouts.

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