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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use SMS Appointment Reminders

Many businesses use SMS as a way of communication with clients because it’s more affordable, convenient and effective than most other modes of communication. All that’s required is that your customers have mobile phones with messaging capabilities. Plus, consumers prefer SMS as it’s convenient and simple. Moreover, they can almost always access their phones and therefore, SMS appointment reminders are effective for them.

Look at these five reasons why your business should be using SMS appointment reminders.

Most People Always Have Their Phones

Statistics show that 79% of all mobile users in the US check their phones every 15 minutes. This makes SMS appointment reminders very effective since there are high chances that the receiver will see the message on time.

According to Spoton, less than 5% of appointments are canceled if a customer gets an SMS reminder. Therefore, there are minimal chances that they will miss their appointment or fail to communicate in good time.

SMS Have A Faster Response Rate Than Email

What are the chances that you’ll receive a prompt response when you communicate via email? Very slim. This is because people are rarely on email and when they are, they choose only the most important emails to respond to.

Chances are, they may not respond to a business email until they are free. However, with SMS, the message is always short requiring a short answer and most people can handle this.

Statistics Favor SMS

Statistics show that when it comes to communication, customers prefer SMS. Therefore, they will most likely favor and even recommend brands that offer SMS as a communication channel than even voice calls.

58% of consumers show a more positive outlook on a company communicating via SMS and when it comes to communication, the receiver’s opinion matters.

Reduces The Risks of Canceled Appointments

Canceled appointments are costly in terms of time wasted and the resources involved. Therefore, if a business can avoid them, it’s always advisable that they do.

Using SMS reminders is said to reduce appointment cancellation to 5%. This is because SMS is usually received conveniently and on time.

Chances that a whole day could pass without your intended receiver touching their phone are very minimal. Thus, they’ll respond to your SMS in good time and avoid missed appointments.

SMS Appointment Reminders Have A High Open Rate

Emails have a very low open rate, especially coming from a business. This is not the case with SMS. Rarely will a receiver fail to open their SMS and when it is a reminder about a scheduled appointment, they will most likely respond.

Also, SMS are generally short and therefore your message will always reach the receiver.

75% of millennials think that getting an appointment reminder using text messages is useful as it’s convenient. This is therefore, a proven way to reach your customers effectively and ensure timely communication as well as efficient use of time.

Furthermore, it’s not only convenient for the customers but also the business as it helps in proper organization and is very affordable.

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