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Where To Find The Best Software For Screenwriters

Putting pen to paper with a breathtaking story in mind is very simple. Writing your story down is the first step to seeing it on screen. Luckily, today’s writers can use software for screenwriters to compile their stories more easily.

If you want people to respect your career as a screenwriter, consider using this software. The screenplay software will help you follow the standard screenplay format. Additionally, the software will take care of formatting so you can focus on the artistic work of writing.

Due to the numerous options of scriptwriting software on the market, choosing the most credible solution can be challenging. Here is a quick review of some of the top brands you should consider.


StudioBinder is perfect for budding screenwriters who don’t have huge budgets. In addition, it’s an easy-to-use solution that you can sign up for in five seconds and start writing screenplays right away. It’s an intuitive software that is free to use.

In addition, StudioBinder comes as a screenwriting software off the full StudioBinder suite of production features. It’s packaged as an end-to-end platform for production management.

You can use your created screenplay to automatically generate shot lists, storyboards and shooting schedules. You can also share documents with your team members or allow collaborators to comment and edit projects in the software.

Movie Magic Screenwriter

Movie Magic Screenwriter is another well-known software in this industry. It has a powerful set of screenwriting features for film, plays, books and television.

The software’s NaviDoc interface will help you pair your script with organizational materials such as scene cards and outlines. Movie Magic Screenwriters comes with several professionally authored templates and revision tracking, to aid your screenwriting.


If you want to start seeing your story ideas hitting the page, Celtx is an amazing free option to consider. With this software, you can quickly learn how to format your screenplays from the ground up.

Celtx can seamlessly integrate with other pre-production tools such as shot lists, call sheets and storyboards to make your work easier.


Writing with a partner helps refine the ideas and lighten the load. WriterDuet is a perfect software for collaborating screenwriters who are in different rooms.

You can finish your pilot or spec more quickly when collaborating with some of your team members. This is a free software suitable for beginners – not professional screenwriters with bigger needs.

Final Draft 10

Top screenwriters and filmmakers have relied on Final Draft 10 for years. The tool has a SmartType feature that remembers scene locations and characters, which you can reinsert while writing. The software’s reporting and tagging tools can enable you to break down various scene elements to feed into reports later.

It also comes with user-friendly organizational tools such as Alternate Dialogue, Beat Board and Story Map. However, at a price of $249.99, Final Draft 10 may not be in the price range of some screenwriters who are just starting out.

Final Thoughts On The Best Software For Screenwriters

Screenwriters have several options for amazing scriptwriting software on the market to choose from. Furthermore, this market has made big gains within the last few years. You can either choose to go for the free options or choose the paid platforms that come with more helpful scriptwriting features.