spy on your competitors

Ways To Spy On Your Competitors With Effective Spy Tools

Spying on competitors is something done by all people, including those in sports. It’s not a crime in business. The reasons to spy on your competitors is to know what they’re doing and also to borrow ideas and improve them for your own strategy.

With effective spy tools, you can find out the content your competitors have as well as their marketing and SEO strategies. Furthermore, you’ll know what’s working for them and borrow it as well as what has not worked for them and avoid that.

Take a look at these ways to spy on your competition.

Use Mention

Mention is a unique tool that not only helps you to see how many times and on what platforms you’re mentioned but also where your competitors are mentioned.

Finding out how often your competitors are being mentioned and the platform that they’re experiencing maximum results helps you in strategy formulation. With Mention, you’ll get to know everywhere they’re being mentioned, including social media.

It checks most of the places online and is available in 40 different languages. Therefore, you’ll get concrete data of what strategy is most effective for your competition.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitoring your own as well as the backlinks of your competitor, is something you need to do as long as you’re running an online store. There are several tools to help you spy on backlinks and one of them is “Monitor Backlinks”.

It alerts you when your competitor gets a new link that has good SEO value. Furthermore, it has a keyword rank checker that will allow you to check your keywords and compare them to those of your competitors.

Monitor Your Competitors’ SEO Strategy Using SpyFu

In the era of online information and most people finding products online, your SEO strategy matters. It matters to your competitors too and so they make every effort to have winner strategies, just like you do.

Using SpyFu, you can spy on their keyword strategy as well as other SEO strategies like their ad campaigns and ranking history in just a few steps.

Monitor Your Competitor’s Content

It’s always an excellent idea to develop your content as it ensures that you remain unique and maximize creativity. However, getting a glimpse of your competitors’ content breaks the monotony of one idea source as well as helps you leverage them to develop better content yourself.

There are several things you need to take into account when analyzing your competitors’ content. You need to know what kind of content they develop. Is it blog posts or podcasts?

Furthermore, how much detail does their content have? How often do they post content? Most importantly, find out the kind of engagement their content is getting. Does it receive comments or questions? Is it shared?

Final Thoughts On How To Spy On Your Competitors

Spying on your competitors may seem a hard task. However, with effective spy tools, it becomes easier and gives you the necessary data to help with your strategy.

Proper tools will help you spy on your competitors’ content as well as their strategy and the response they get from their audience.

This way, you can choose what could work for you and improve it. You’ll also avoid what has not been working in the past.

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