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How To Use YouTube Effectively To Promote Your Small Business

When someone mentions social media, does YouTube cross your mind as one of the channels? Well, for most marketers, it never clicks that it’s not only a social media platform but also one of the most powerful marketing tools. YouTube is owned by Google which makes it a powerful search engine and very influential. This is how you can use YouTube to promote your Small Business effectively.

Personally Connect With Customers

In business, you need to sell yourself more than the product. People want to buy from a person they trust. Therefore, you need to build trust and credibility. This happens when you connect with your customers personally.

Therefore, you should post one or more YouTube videos about yourself before ever posting about your products. This videos should introduce you to your customers in a way that will make them trust that you can solve their needs and offer quality.

Therefore, let them know your qualifications. Also, help solve the customers’ problems and meet their special needs arising from using your products. Don’t just be sales driven, build relationships.

Keep The Content Coming When You Use YouTube

If you want your YouTube channel to be popular, have high volumes of quality consistent and updated content. You need to have videos that answer the questions customers have in line with your niche and products.

The videos ought to solve the customers’ needs more than just describing your products. Also, some can be about the experiences of customers who have already used the products and are satisfied.

Include Calls To Action

You probably already have links in your video. However, you should go beyond that to think of how you want your customers to respond to your video and then communicate it to them.

Calls to action like contacting you for more information or clicking on the link for more or subscribing to your YouTube channel, could work but also, think outside the box. The calls to action should be included in the video.

Choose The Right Tags And Category

When you upload videos to YouTube, you need to choose a category for the video and then enter keywords or tags. Whereas there are categories to choose from, you can add as many tags as you wish.

Whichever the case, bear in mind that YouTube is a search engine therefore, you should use the most appropriate keywords for search engine optimization. You can use the tags that YouTube suggests as they are what people are searching. However, you can still add your tags based on keyword research.

YouTube has so many viewers and is rated the 2nd most popular search engine after Google. Small businesses set out to grow through social media but lack the knowledge and hence end up using the platform just for networking rather than growing.

It shouldn’t be so because they are marketing platforms. Therefore, YouTube is a great social channel to connect with your customers and prospects and promote your products effectively.

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