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Boost Conversions Using Website Personalization Methods

Analyzing and personalizing your business website should be the first step in boosting your conversion rates. You should be able to look at your site from the eyes of your potential and existing customers. According to a research conducted by Invesp, 53 percent of shoppers believe that website personalization is worthwhile.

While your site may have a general target audience, visitors of all ages and from different geographical locations will visit your site at some point. Since these people have different tastes, you need to personalize your site in such a manner that it accommodates different preferences.

Here are ways you can boost conversions for your business using website personalization methods.

Focus On Your Primary Target Audience

Your business site should be designed to please your primary target customers. For example, a brick-and-mortar business that targets women should have a pleasant visual theme on its business website and feature women’s apparel on the homepage.

This is crucial regardless of the fact that the website may get a hit from male shoppers every once in a while. In other words, you should focus on designing and branding your site for your best customers.

Once you’ve successfully designed your site with your most profitable customers in mind, the other website personalization methods will be easier to incorporate.

Segment Your Audience

Website personalization allows you to recognize your visitors’ differences and tailor your digital marketing strategies for better results. For example, All Web Leads used the Neustar technology to analyze and understand the data they garnered from their site’s anonymous visitors.

Once they made sense of the unspecified data they collected, they were able to segment their audiences into different groups and personalize their marketing messages accordingly.

This approach led to a 27 percent increase in conversions. Therefore, you can also segment your audience and increase your conversions by personalizing your website visitors’ shopping experience.

Encourage Your Visitors To Create Personal Profiles

When your visitors create profiles, they can login into their accounts and enjoy a more personalized shopping experience. Furthermore, customer profiles will help you monitor their shopping patterns and find out what products they usually look for.

Consider including a zip code field when designing the profile field your customers should fill out. That way, you’ll know the best products to offer certain customers based on their personal preferences and locations.

You should also include some holiday promotional campaigns in your listings. Use creative incentives such as Champs Sports’s offerings for VIP members, in order to encourage your customers to create profiles.

While this personalization method may serve as a bonus to your esteemed customers, it will also help you boost your conversions.

Recommend Products To Visitors As Part Of Your Website Personalization

Consider recommending products to your loyal customers or visitors to your site based on their browsing history. This is a great strategy for big online retailers that offer a wide range of products.

According to a study conducted by Barilliance, 31 percent of revenue generated by online stores was from product recommendations. Moreover, online shoppers who click on a suggested product are more likely to convert.

Many online shoppers prefer businesses that take the time and effort to personalize their shopping experiences. While website personalization may sound intimidating to first timers, it’s not that hard. With a bit of effort and thought on your part, the results will be valuable.

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