Website Traffic Analysis

What Are The Best Tools To Use For Website Traffic Analysis?

Apart from customer-centric focus, analyzing the performance of your website is an essential part of inbound marketing. It’s important for website owners to review how their websites are performing periodically and make improvements whenever necessary. Here are some of the best tools to use for website traffic analysis.

For Ultimate Website Traffic Analysis Use Lucky Orange

With the 7-day free trial of Lucky Orange you can track visitors to your website and get an overall close-up view of your traffic. The software enables users to monitor the activities of their visitors in real-time and see the pages they visit.

In addition, you can send your visitors messages and interact with them using the software. The software will show the locations, languages, device type and referrers of your visitors. Every time you log into your account you can view the number of visitors on your site at that moment.

It’s possible to send additional information to the content that your visitors share on social media networks to boost optimization. Use this Social Media Optimizer tool to optimize your shared content on social media and analyze your site for these tags.

Once you put the URL of your website in the optimizer, you will be able to see whether it’s properly optimized for social media sharing. In case of any issues, the tool will guide you on how to fix them by giving you recommendations.

For example, an image or more details will be included in the links that your visitors share on Twitter. Meaning the tweet will stand a better chance of getting a higher engagement rate because it’s unique.

But, you need to setup your Twitter Cards before using this tool. Use the WordPress SEO plugin to add your cards if your website is on WordPress.

Open Site Explorer

Use Open Site Explorer to check your Domain Authority (DA) and backlinks. This is a great tool from an SEO company called Moz and is widely used by several webmasters.

The tool uses a proprietary ranking system to display the authority of your site in terms of how well it is ranked and its backlink profile. The domain authority is ranked on a scale of 1 to 100.

Therefore, the higher the number, the higher the likelihood of your site will rank for content that is relevant to your products or services. In order to increase your domain authority you need to get high quality links from sites that have a higher domain authority score.

Hence it’s important to know your DA.


It’s risky to assume that your website is working flawlessly on all browsers and platforms. You can use Browserstack to see how your website appears on over 1000 browsers and platforms.

There are 15 browsers that you’ll see after you enter your website URL. But, you have the option of selecting other browsers if you don’t want to test with the selected browsers and platforms.


Use SEMRush to check the current keyword rankings. This website traffic analysis tool is great for website owners who want to optimize their SEO efforts by understanding how Google is ranking various keywords.

The tool can automatically detect the keywords that your site ranks for or you can manually enter a list of keywords and generate a detailed analysis report.

You can also use the Keyword Difficulty Tool to gauge how challenging it can be to rank for certain keywords that you want to target. You can start with the free version and upgrade to the paid plan as you grow.

In order to be ahead of the competition you have to perform a website traffic analysis regularly. The insights you get from the analysis will guide you on how to make website adjustments. Plus they’ll help you to improve your marketing strategies. Website analysis tools are affordable yet savvy ways of understanding more about your site.