weird profitable niches

Weird Profitable Niches You May Not Have Thought Of

Choosing the niche that best suits you and building on it ensures that you not only find opportunities but also keep the income flowing in. The good thing with picking a niche is that you can become an expert in it. However, the challenge comes in knowing which niche to concentrate on because you need one in which you’re likely to perform well. Have a look at the following weird profitable niches you may not have thought of.

LinkedIn Profile Creator

Everyone on LinkedIn understands the importance of a strong LinkedIn profile and how it can help you attract prospective employers and businesses. Therefore, people are willing to pay to have someone create a good LinkedIn profile for them.

Therefore, you can master this skill and tap into this unique niche. There are very few people positioned as LinkedIn profile creators. Therefore, finding gigs will not be hard.

Explainer Video Script Writer

It seems like all businesses are trying to connect to their target customers through video. One of the commonest videos being made is “explainer videos”. These are usually a one minute video that gives a quick introduction of a product or service.

Most companies are not familiar with how to create the perfect script for their explainer videos. However, it does not make economic sense for a company to hire permanent staff to do seasonal jobs.

Therefore, they prefer to contract freelancers and pay them per project. Therefore, this is a profitable niche and is virtually untapped. Mostly, these companies will subcontract freelancers to write the script and then create and publish the videos themselves.


Ghostwriting is typically writing for another person. When you ghostwrite, you allow someone to put their name on your work. This is becoming a very profitable and increasingly popular niche.

The person for whom you write has the right to modify or alter the content as they are the perceived owner. Therefore, you’re subcontracted to write as a freelancer and paid per word.

The demand for online content is constantly increasing and there are many business people and companies who require the content on a consistent basis. Even individual bloggers can have difficulty coming up with content on a regular basis.

Therefore, this is a great opportunity for someone who loves to write and can write in the tone of the website owner or blogger.

Final Thoughts On Weird Profitable Niches

Finding a niche that you can plug into for your freelance career is a step towards its success. There are common niches that are easy to handle and can be a good source of income.

However, going where most people are, means competing for the same jobs. Therefore, the best thing to do is to find a unique niche and become proficient in it.