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What Are The Top 5 Benefits Of Working Remotely

One of the greatest benefits that came with the internet was, and still remains, flexibility in working. The term working remotely means working from home, a hotel, a café, the train or any other place not considered a traditional work place.

The following are the top 5 benefits of working remotely.

1. Working Remotely Saves Time And Money

Perhaps, this is the most significant reason why one should consider working remotely. According to the Premier Commuter Index (by Citi), Americans spend an average of $ 2600 and use 200 hours per year, on commuting.

New York leads in the States with the longest commute time per day, an average 32.6 minutes in order to get to work. Therefore, if you do work remotely, you’re definitely going to save time and money.

2. Promotes Work Life Balance

If you want your employees to work for longer and be productive you need to care about their work life balance. The same case applies to you, whether you’re an employer or you’re employed. You have to seek ways of realizing a work life balance.

The US, especially when compared to France and the Netherlands, performs poorly in giving the workforce time for personal care, rest and leisure. Working remotely can help Americans avoid a burn out and hence, they will feel that life is not just about work.

A good example of a company which uses telecommuting as a method of achieving work life balance is Raytheon, a company that concentrates in defense technology.

3. No Geographical Location

A company can attract a reliable and unique workforce from anywhere in the US and around the world too, if there’s an option of working remotely. A wide geographical consideration will attract a large pool of job applicants and this could mean better talent.

From an individual perspective, one can look for a job anywhere in the world without thinking about the challenges that come with relocation.

For example, Appen, a technology and consulting firm, has given its employees the option of working remotely and from any part of the US or the world.

Again, many Americans dream of traveling beyond their boarders someday. The option of working remotely can help one travel and work at the same time.

4. It Allows You To Achieve Focus And Concentration

If an individual doesn’t have to think about commuting every day, then one can take the same time to concentrate on work instead. At the same time, working at home means working away from a congested working environment.

Sometimes, a lot of time in offices is spent in chit chats which can be avoided. Therefore, working remotely can translate to less distraction from fellow workmates.

5. More Time With Family And Friends

The role of social health in an individual cannot be underestimated. Psychological studies have revealed that people who are able to see their families tend to have better social and emotional health and therefore are more productive.

In connection to this, they tend to have less stress levels. This in turn, means a more conducive environment at work and less distraction too.


Working remotely can be a unique tool for personal and professional development. In addition to that, it can lay the foundation for future expansion.

An inherent characteristic of technology is that it tends to become better and cheaper with time. Therefore, remote work will benefit from advancement in technology.