YouTube Partner Program

How To Earn Money Through The YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program makes it possible for content creators to turn their hobby into an income generator. Anyone who’s built a big enough audience can earn shared revenue from the ads that run in their videos.

The more views you have, the more you earn. Therefore, the YouTube partner program offers incredible opportunities to make money from YouTube just as long as you have a large number of users viewing your videos and subscribed to your channel.

It allows YouTube channel owners to monetize their content by displaying advertisements. Here’s how you can earn money through the YouTube Partner program.

The Eligibility Requirements

In 2018, YouTube updated its partner program eligibility requirements because there were many concerns about showing inappropriate videos. Therefore, any YouTube user may apply for the program.

However, to be accepted, you need to prove that your content is original and that you consistently post content that you have all the rights to. Your videos also need to be experiencing substantial growth when it comes to popularity.

Before checking any further eligibility requirements, you need first to confirm that the YouTube Partner Program is available in your country. Then, you need to have achieved 400 watch hours in the previous 12 months and have at least 1000 subscriber.

How You Can Work Towards Meeting The Eligibility Requirements

There’s no shortcut to getting into the partner program. Therefore, create great content and then put in your effort and time to promote it using non-spammy methods.

Avoid external promoters that promise to get you more subscribers and views. Most of them are a scam and will only earn you a straight disqualification. YouTube frowns at the software that inflates the number of views or subscribers, so you can be sure that if they catch you, it will be the end of your journey.

After being accepted you’ll start by earning only a small amount, as most partner’s do. However, focus on growing your popularity and views as only that will increase your earnings.

Have A Growth Strategy

The best strategy to grow your channel to earn more is to create high-quality content with quality pictures that offer a solution to your viewers to keep them coming back for more.

Secondly, stick with a theme and schedule for posting. It paints a clear picture of what you are about and what you want to accomplish. Be consistent in content, style and editing.

Use keywords and titles that are trending and that most people are using so that when they search you online, they’ll find you. The last and most important strategy for growth is engaging your clients.

This ensures that they give feedback subscribe to your channel to get notifications of new videos and watch and share them. Be sure to answer their questions and engage them in the comment section. Finally, network with them

Final Thoughts On The YouTube Partner Program

If your channel fits the eligibility criteria and you’re qualified to join the YouTube partner program, you can select the kind of ads you want to show in your videos as well as which of your videos you don’t want to monetize.

Partners make money through Google AdSense as Google owns YouTube. It’s a genuine place to earn and if properly used, you’re going to earn a consistent income.

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